Children of Ghana --
African Orphan Outreach

    When my niece Emily went on a college trip to study poverty in Ghana, I never realized that among the gifts that she brought home would be someone that would irrevocably change my family and my life. I met Akim Tairu when he flew out with Emily to marry. A handsome, slender young man with a gentle smile and shy demeanor, he grinned broadly as I stumbled through the greeting in his native language that I pulled up off the internet. In broken English and with the help of Emily, he told me of his home and family. They spoke of his mother Taiba, who has for more than 25 years been taking in street children and providing for them as best she could. Emily shared that a third of the children in Ghana live in the streets and that Taiba could have anywhere from ten to twenty children that she fed and gave shelter to in her two room dwelling. For those that she could afford the fee, she sent to school. The older children (some of whom are young adults) and some family members helped by watching the younger ones while she spent her days working in the marketplace and contributing what they could.

    Hearing Taiba's story moved me beyond words. I immediately gave Emily a check to send to help Taiba financially. Knowing that I didn't have the resources to make a difference on my own, I brought Emily and Akim to Reverend Doti Boon Doti is the head pastor of The Center for Creative Living, a charter church under The Universal Church of the Master and the location of my office. Doti and the congregation embraced Taiba's plight and began collecting donations and providing space for Emily and Akim to sell wares from Ghana to help with fund raising. Thanks to their amazing generosity, not only was a larger home was found, Taiba could now send all the children to school! Recent fund-raising efforts have enabled Taiba to get a cow, goats, chickens and to build a fence to secure the livestock and the children, providing not only milk, cheese and eggs for the children to eat, but also to sell.

    In March of 2014, I had the opportunity to travel to Ghana. Not only did I have the opportunity to meet Taiba and Akim's wonderful family including the children she cared for, but also healers and medicine men in both Ghana and Togo. I was amazed at the healing traditions that they carried and was honored beyond belief to be accepted and offered the gift of learning their ways and their healing works.

    Healing House Healing Ministry is committed to continuing to work towards improving the lives of Taiba, these children and those who help her. In conjunction with the support from Doti and CCL, Taiba will be able to continue her life mission of providing for the generations that will become the future of Africa.

    Want to be a part of improving the lives of these children and this wonderful woman? A portion of each donation goes to offer continued support for Taiba and her work to provide for the street children of Ghana


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