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    Belief in the body's inherent ability to regulate and manage itself is central to chiropractic's philosophy.  By making small adjustments to correct spinal and extremity misalignment, thus removing interference with neurological function, chiropractic can improve the body’s ability to facilitate healing for itself.  Creating a scenario for optimum function of the nervous system lessens the intensity of and often resolves the effects of disability and disease.

    Chiropractic is a proven safe and effective treatment for many conditions and the secondary benefits are limitless in maintaining optimal health. When applied in conjunction with other therapies, the healing process is taken to an entirely new level!

Services Provided:
• Chiropractic Care [Spinal and Extremity Adjustment]
• Massage     
• Reiki       
• Wellness Counseling
• Physio-Therapy Modalities   
• Ergonomic Evaluations
• Pre and post natal Chiropractic Therapy
• Pediatric and Geriatric Chiropractic Care
• Youth and Adult Physical Examinations

Now Available...Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis! And Lab diagnostic referrals

    I also have an excellent referral network for Personal and Professional Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Indigenous Healing and many other alternative healing modalities. If it is a service I do not provide, I probably know someone who does!


Remember...payments for services go toward supporting charitable causes in your community and in Africa!


Treatment Price List
Initial Visit [Examination and Treatment] - $200.00
Standard In-Office Chiripractic Treatment - $125.00


Additional Visit Options



Pre-Pay Option

Prepay 4 visits to combine regular care with a great discount!

4 Office Visits - $400.00

Savings: 20%




Relaxing as it is therapeutic, bodywork to de-stress the mind and soothing the spirit!

Up to 15 minutes as part of a chiropractic visit – included in visit charge

$50.00 for 15 minute spot work
$180.00 for a 60 minute full body massage.



Ultrasound, TENS Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Up to 15 minutes as part of a chiropractic visit – included in visit charge

$40 for each 15 minutes
Find out how to get your own TENS unit for free!


Mineral Hair Analysis

Simple, painless and non-invasive, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is an invaluable screening tool which allows you to view a profile representing your mineral imbalances, metabolic indicators and toxic metals.


$195.00 – You receive a 15-20 page interpretation providing pertinent information related to your test results. Price includes test, supplement recommendations and the consultation to go over the results.

Blood-work and X-Rays Off-site referrals available Call for Information

Terragetic Healing®
Session and Training

Terragetic Healing® is a unique Earth-based energetic healing modality that incorporate plants, stones and other natural elements as participants in the healing process.

$100.00 per 1 hour session


Reiki Treatments and Training

Reiki is an energetic healing process that directs universal energy through the recipient's energetic and physical body, freeing restrictions, restoring harmony and releasing negative energy.

 $90.00 per 1 hour session

For information about Reiki training, to become a Reiki practitioner, see our section
“Kinkou School of Reiki”

Spiritual / Energetic Wellness Counseling Spiritual and/or energetic counseling can provide clarity to challenging aspects of your life, helping you to attain your goals.

$75.00 per hour

Ask about off-site visits and group rates!

Personal Spiritual Training Looking for individualized spiritual training? Experience a personalized one-on-one spiritual learning experience tailored to what you want to learn. $150.00 per 90 minute teaching session

    Never Heard of Hair Mineral Analysis?

    Have you been suffering from symptoms that standard testing has failed to diagnose?   Tired of taking medications that treat symptoms but do nothing for the cause?   Tired of being told that there is nothing wrong when you can feel that there is?  Unlock the mysteries of your wellness issues with Tissue Mineral Analysis!

    Did You Know...?

  • Women's pre-menstrual  headaches are often caused by too much copper in their system?
  • Arthritis pain can be caused by lead, cadmium, or mercury poisoning?
  • That in certain metabolic types, too much Vitamin C can actually make an infection worse?
  • Hyperactive children often have too much lead in their systems?
  • High levels of copper and iron can cause migraine headaches?
  • Adequate Zinc intake helps to regulate blood sugar levels?
  • Chromium, magnesium, manganese and Vitamin B6 deficiency are related to diabetes?

    Conditions which may result from or be aggravated by a mineral imbalance include:    Depression,  Hyperactivity, Headaches, Hypertension, Arthritis,  Anemia, Thyroid Disturbances,  Digestive Disturbances, Diabetes, Musculo-skeletal Disorders, Cardiovascular Disease, Skin Rashes, Emotional Problems, Allergies, Acne and more.

    Hair Analysis is the most efficient means of determining exactly what vitamins and minerals you need.  Simple, painless and non-invasive, Tissue Mineral Analysis is an invaluable screening tool which allows a correct program of diet and supplementation to be designed for each individual's specific needs. What You get:

  • A profile representing  your test results for macro and micro minerals, toxic metals and significant ratios.
  • A chart is provided that identifies your information and graphically illustrates the test results.
  • A thorough 15-20 page interpretation that provides pertinent information related to your metabolic rate, energy levels, immune system, and more.
  • A basic dietary guidelines and a complete dietary supplement program designed to assist in balancing your individual body chemistry.

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