I have worked and been treated by Dr. Ayleen. Her skills as a healer are amazing. Her love shines thru , and creates an authentic and deep healing.
                                                                       ~ ~  Karen H.

    Dr. Alyeen is an amazing healer. She helped me heal through an accident that I was in with very quick results.
                                                                       ~ ~  Denise M.

    Every time I have gone to Dr. Ayleen I've had amazing results. Not only are they very good at what they do, but they are also very trustworthy, caring, and loveable.
                                                                         ~ ~  Sandra C.

    I have personally experienced Dr Ayleen's powerful healing abilities, She has provided me with excelent chiropractic and healing services for several years. She is also a talented singer and drummer who brings great energy to CCL choir and drumming circles which I have the fortune to share with her.
                                                                       ~ ~  Laura M.

    I have dealt with constant neck/upper back pain for more than 15 years. I treated the condition with physical therapy and muscle relaxers that were prescribed by my PCP. Since having chiropractic treatment by Dr. Ayleen Augustine D.C., I've noticed unbelievable progress. My neck/upper back pain has been eliminated and I am able to move my head to both sides without pain. The thing I liked most about the care I received was the individual attention that Dr. Ayleen gave me. She listened intently to my problems, explained what she was going to do before doing it and addressed any questions or concerns that I had. She takes the time to listen and shows personal interest in a patient's problem. Dr. Ayleen is extremely knowledgeable and professional as she empowers her clients to walk in healing and health.
                                                                     ~ ~  Michelle D.

    Dr. Augustine has helped our family in many ways. She is a healer through and through. From chiropractic to counseling, she maintains her sense of humor and her sensitivity to her clients' needs. She listens deeply, is patient and kind, and always has a good story with a smile. You will seldom find a person this accepting and considerate, who works with your sensibilities and acknowledges your challenges in a productive way that neither coddles nor cajoles.     Her expertise is mind-boggling as the knowledge she exhibits even while doing a slight knee adjustment is impressive. I can't recommend her highly enough. Pay her extra if you can, because she IS worth it, and she often gives generously of her time to those in need.
                                                                       ~ ~  Dakini A.

    I went through chiropractic college with Dr. Augustine and was always impressed by her. She always put the patient first and strives to help each person she worked with, even when the best thing was referring that patient to another doctor. Being a selfless healer requires those attributes and Dr. Augustine certainly has those.
                                                                       ~ ~  Brant P.

    She is compassionate and caring and listens to clients needs. She takes the time to explain what is causing the problems and how to prevent them. Dr Ayleen is one of the best.
                                                                            ~ ~  Angelina M.

    Dr. Ayleen is the best chiropractor I have ever worked with. Her positive attitude about one's body helps the body achieve its optimum level. She has a healer's heart, knows Reiki and simply is superlative at chiropractic. Her easy-going manner is calming and she is client centered. I have recommended her to others only to hear rave reviews from them. I am so glad I found her!
                                                                       ~ ~  Catherine A.

    I have known Dr. Ayleen for the past two years as her patient. I have been to other chiropractors before having Dr. Ayleen as my chiropractor. What is very unique and commendable about Dr. Ayleen is that she is not only an outstanding chiropractor but also takes the required time to understand the issues, explains the possible reasons why such an issue could have occurred. In addition, she also goes to the extent of showing the diagrams of the human anatomy and pin points the patient’s problem areas for a better understanding. She is very personable, patient and responds to patient’s feedback very well. Her treatments have reduced my ailment significantly and her valuable suggestions have helped modify my postures and the way I use my physique to perform daily activities effectively without any stress on my muscles and joints. I highly recommend Dr. Ayleen to anyone who is interested in a treatment which requires a chiropractic approach.
                                                                       ~ ~  Ven S.

    Dr. Ayleen Is a warm, compassionate and thorough clinician who considers all aspects of her patients' well-being in her treatment.
                                                                       ~ ~  Sandy E.

    She is really really great as a Chiropractor and massage therapist!
                                                                     ~ ~  Sharlene P.

    Dr. Ayleen and I share many of the same students. I have found her to be phenomenal and very astute in her ability to reach students and clients with her healing gifts.
                                                                       ~ ~  Angela D.

    Dr Ayleen is intuitive, mystical and practical all at the same time. She uses modern science and ancient wisdom to zero right in on what needs attention.
                                                                       ~ ~  Todd Z.

    Dr. Ayleen fixed my back issue right away. She's extremely personable, getting to the root of the problem right away. She's extremely knowledgeable and very trustworthy. Come see Dr. Ayleen for your physical issues. She will greatly improve your quality of life.
                                                                       ~ ~  Gail M.

Dr. Ayleen knows her stuff. Warm and present, her touch is loving and professional. Highly compassionate and friendly, its easy to feel safe in her hands. I so appreciated the care I received and the healing that came fro our sessions. I only wish I lived closer!
                                                                       ~ ~  Rosie K.

    Ayleen is an outstanding chiropractor. She is patient and takes the time to fully understand the issues before engaging in any treatment. She instantly responds to feedback, and her treatments have made a huge difference in my well-being. Her sense of humor helps put the patient at ease, which is vital to effective treatment. I recommend her without hesitation.
                                                                       ~ ~  Michael C.

    After working for a few chiropractors I am a bit picky on who gets to work on my back. Dr Ayleen is amazing. I am one of those tough people to adjust. My muscles are just argumentative! She seems to calm them down and adjust me with no issues. I even have my husband going to her as well. And it is impossible to get him to go anywhere so that is saying something! I'd love to recommend everyone to her, but I also want to keep her to myself so she will be available.
                                                                       ~ ~  Jen X.

    I'm a Bay Area native currently living in Boston, but any time I come back to California Dr. Ayleen is practically my first stop. She always hones in on exactly what the problem is, sometimes as soon as I walk into the room. Her whole-body approach to chiropractic medicine combined with energy work throughout the process always leaves me feeling less sore and more rejuvenated than just a simple bone tweak could accomplish. I would highly recommend Dr. Ayleen Augustine for your chiropractic, as well as spiritual healing, needs.
                                                                       ~ ~  Ariel P.

    I have known some really incredible chiropractors in my time, including a dear family friend, but I have never experienced the level of care that Dr. Ayleen provides. Far beyond the usual Chiropractic treatment, Dr. Ayleen treats the whole person, listening carefully to both the patient's spoken word, and their body. Her combination of deep tissue work with Chiropractic adjustment ensures that the properly aligned parts stay where they should be, and (in my experience, and that of others I know) recovery time is decreased. Dr. Ayleen also combines energy work and her Terragetic healing modalities to bring health and vitality to the whole being. She is an amazing healer and person; to visit Dr. Ayleen is to give yourself the gift of exceptional treatment and superlative health.
                                                                       ~ ~  June D.

    I have been using Chiropractic to manage my growing old issues for over 40 years. Until Dr. Ayleen, the treatments were twist, turn, extend and bye. Max time usually about 10 minutes for lots of cash. Enter Dr. Augustine, on referral from a family member. She spends the first 20 minutes doing a massage to loosen me up, then adjusts what needs to be. She is very warm and loving and always willing to take the extra step to make you feel great. I know every one's issues are their own, but I cannot recommend Dr. Ayleen enough. She is our family's primary care Doctor and has become a necessity to my well being.
                                                                       ~ ~  Ken P.

    The doctor was gentle, kind and took her time to explain my problem completely. When she was done I understood the various alternatives available to me. I would recommend Dr. Ayleen Augustine to anyone who wants a doctor who is also a human being.
                                                                       ~ ~  John D.

    Dr. Ayleen is a knowledgeable, caring and affordable doctor that has helped me tremendously!
                                                                       ~ ~  Mary A.   

    From the bottom of our hearts, we love you and thank you!"
                                                  ~ ~  Lisa, James & Connie

     The treatment made a huge difference in my ability to move with a much reduced level of pain!
                                                            ~ ~  Angelina D.

     We thank you for all your healing, hard work, confidence and moral support as you care for our family.
                                                                         ~ ~  Tricia C.

     Thank you so much for adjusting me! I really needed it that day. You’re the best!
                                                                        ~ ~  Sujata

     I have known Dr. Augustine since her student days, in class and as a student intern receiving her field training experience in my practice. Since graduation, I have had the privilege to work with her as a licentiate and clinical associate. Dr. Augustine has always displayed a high degree of sincerity, responsibility, and ambition. She is definitely and active chiropractic ambassador and a true professional. In addition to her scholastic accomplishments, she has proven her leadership ability through active community outreach programs, public education and service.
     She is a dependable team player and is an asset to the chiropractic profession. Her mature outlook will ensure a logical and practical approach to her chiropractic career.
                                                   ~ ~  Dr. J.E. Musick, D.C.

     Dr. Augustine has joined us over the last few years for Chiropractic mission trips to Piedras Negras, MX. She is a pleasure to work with! She can show great patience in extreme situations dealing with many scenarios. She is a great chiropractor!
                                                               ~ ~  Dr. T.L. Coats, D.C.

     I have been a patient of Dr. Augustine for over three years and have referred at least a dozen patients to her care. Dr. Augustine is quite remarkable in her ability to diagnose and treat those conditions chiropractic is so very well suited to remedy. Her touch, treatment and counsel are invaluable. I travel quite a lot and she is the first place I go when I get off a plane to get my body re-aligned from sleeping in new beds, sitting in cramped seats, and man-handling luggage! She is a consummate teacher, making sure she explains what is happening in my body in a way that is totally clear and distinguishes the part she will play in the healing process and that part I must do myself. I especially appreciate her ability to look at me holistically. I am not just a chiropractic patient. I am a whole person who may have medical needs beyond chiropractic. When this occurs, she researches the condition, and refers me to the appropriate medical doctor for further study and treatment.
     Everyone I have referred to Dr. Augustine has thanked me for turning them on to a great practitioner who takes great care of them and offers a more comprehensive way to resolve their medical issues.
                                                                    ~ ~  Carmella G.

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