Healing House Kinkou School of Reiki
Offering Group and Individual Reiki Training and Attunements

Dr. Ayleen Augustine, D.C.
Reiki Master and Chief Instructor

Kinkou is Japanese for Balance. Reiki is an energetic healing tradition that not only returns the recipient to a harmonious, balanced state of mind, body and spirit, but benefits the practitioner as well. Through this class you will learn to become a sacred conduit and witness for the healing forces of the Universe.
This training follows the Usui tradition.

This class will cover the fundamentals of Reiki including:
What is Reiki?
Technique (Solo and Group Work)
Starting a Reiki Practice
Level I Attunement
Cost: $200.00

This class will include:
Review of Reiki Basics
Exploration of Symbols
Distance Reiki
Taking Your Practice (Literally) to the Next Level
Level II Attunement
Cost: $350.00

REIKI III – Master Level
This level of training is offered on a case by case basis.
Training and Attunement
Call to arrange for a consultation with Dr. Ayleen -  408- 372-2840
Cost: $500.00

Primary location:
The Center for Creative Living
1460 Koll Circle, Suite C
San Jose, CA 95112

We also offer training in a variety of Earth-based spiritual practices including: Druidry, meditations and energy clearing and management techniques.

Have friends that want to study together?
Ask about private group instruction opportunities!
For more information or to register, call 408-372-2840
or email

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