Healing House Healing Ministry
Vision Statement

    The goal of Healing House Healing Ministry will be to become an international entity dedicated to empowerment and wellness through clinic outreach and training that will allow local citizens to gain self-reliance and self-sufficiency while at the same time supporting the wellness of their communities. Healers will not only work and train locally, but also have the opportunity to visit, learn from and work with healers from other countries

    We strive to see patients empowered to their achieve their highest potential and be fully equipped to not only find their own healing bu to also inspire healing in others. Our goal is free access to healing, both conservative and alternative, on a global scale,creating a global community of healers committed to the continuation of their healing traditions through training of future generations.

    Healing is experienced in layers. Our goal is to provide educational forums, classes, workshops, spiritual and emotional development gatherings that work in conjunction with these healing sessions. It is our intention to help individuals who are facing challenges of body, mind or spirit to emerge into a place of peace and balance, experiencing a greater satisfaction in life. Also, by bringing together multiple healing traditions, opportunities for research projects that will further understanding of these practices by the scientific community at large.

    Healing House Healing Ministry supports that everyone has the right to not only to healthcare but also the opportunity to gain empowerment and self-reliance through training to be healing practitioners. This offers both local and global opportunities for international, multi-cultural communication and fellowship.

    As with all great dreams, a solid foundation is crucial to future success. While there is quite literally a world of work to be done, like healing, growth happens in layers. By creating manageable primary projects, the ministry can grow and build to fulfill its global humanitarian wellness goals. I understand that I'm taking on a huge challenge and will face many learning opportunities. From the time that I graduated chiropractic college, I dreamed of creating a healing ministry and building something that would make a huge difference in the world.

    While I know in my heart that I was meant to do this, I also know that I can't do it alone. Your tax deductible donations will help establish a solid administrative foundation for the ministry and begin providing support for local projects and especially our outreach in Ghana supporting an orphanage.

Thank you for your support!

Dr. Ayleen


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